Innovative, Sharp Designs With A Touch of Zen

I strive to make unique knives with minimalist attitude and timeless appearance. Knives that not only look different but also easy to implement in any given environment. When purchasing one of my products, you can expect attention to detail , craftsmanship and design.

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Smooth curves were you need them for comfort. The geometry grows out from a low located edge to the handle, offering a oversized fingerguard which minimizes injury but enhance control. The spine extension of the leaf shaped blade features one hand opening.The 2 inch blade conforms to the most stringent legislation.

Hands On Design

The 8th Triennial for Design in Design museum Ghent. ‘Hands on Design’ exhibition showcases design that is inspired and produced thanks to the innovative power of traditional methods and craftsmanship. A chance to show a new knife concept designed for people in urban environment.

LOGO definition

The arrow or ENSIS symbolizes the sharpness , the circle symbolizes ZEN as the absolute simplicity .The opening in the circle highlights the imperfection as essence in continuous improvement.

MINIMUM fixed Blade

A crossover between the Japanese Nakiri & Santoku kitchen blade, medium sized and ideal for push cutting or chopping smaller vegetables. The design follows the lineair contours of the Minimum friction folder.