Innovative, Sharp Designs With A Touch of Zen

ENSIZEN is about the challenge of turning sheets of premium steel and exclusive materials into the hand-assembled works of art. Even more the dedication to explore  future oriented knife designs and escape from the traditional. Each design is determined by remarkable outlines, a balance of straight lines and curves, to enhance minimalism and increase ergonomics with attention to a sleek and timeless appearance.





A crossover between the Japanese Nakiri & Santoku kitchen blade, medium sized and ideal for push cutting or chopping smaller vegetables. Premium steel, handmade with a generous choice in handle materials.


Designed as a do-it-all everyday folder that will meet your every cutting need with ease and style. The full-flat ground sheepsfoot blade, with its wider and robust profile, adds strength and versatility while making it look less threatening and dangerous. This is in tandem with its non-locking friction folding deployment, making it perfect for use in the outdoors or in your office. Available in 3″ and 1.6″ blade length.


The Hybrid features a ambidextrous wide blade with integrated fingerguard, which at 50mm is legal to carry where knife laws are stricter. The full titanium handles are paired with a matching custom milled titanium pocket. The Hybrid is an exciting and refreshing take on the traditional non-locking folder, combining ergonomics with time-tested concepts of refined minimalism.

Hybrid Framelock

The Hybrid naming not only stands for a balanced mixtures of straight lines and curves , the design also finds his naming in the possibility to add different kinds of deployment and locking features. The Hybrid Extra with frame lock in addition to the Hybrid collection. It features a tumbled S35VN leaf shape blade, easily deployed one-handed with the slightly shorter extension, while a matching titanium pocket clip offers intuitive tip-up carry.

Hybrid Friction

The hybrid design strives to express functionality through purity. The overall geometry grows out from a low located edge to the handle, offering a oversized fingerguard which simplifies the lack of a blade lock. The spine extension of the leaf shaped blade features besides one hand opening a integrated bottle opener and easy draw from the pocket.

Passionate About Knives, Tools and Tech stuff.

Filip De Coene is a Belgium based independent product designer creating contemporary knives with minimalist attitude, clean aesthetic and functional use. His interest in product design developed at a young age, he spent a lot of time in prototyping and exploring materials to accomplish a different style. Designing needs thoughtful thinking , redesigning in every aspect and details. With ENSIZEN he turns his ideas into timeless custom-developed designs which are easy to implement in any given environment. With several niche brands and acknowledge from the design world, ENSIZEN starts claiming its place in the knife community.

Stiel en Stijl - Leuven/Belgium - 2018HIB label - Belgium - 2018BelgiumArtDesign/BAD - Ghent/Belgium - 2018Artikel Nr - Ghent/Belgium - 2018Greenwise - Japan - 2017Hands On Design 8° Triennial - Ghent/Belgium - 2016/2017Certified Craft - Belgium - 2016Hands On Design - Belgium - 2016BKS - Gembloux/Belgium - 2015/2016DKE show - Tiel/The Netherlands - 2014/2015Gentlemen Taschenmesser - Germany - 2014MesserMagazin - Germany - 2014Hephaistos - Germany - 2013/2014Henry Van de Velde - Brussels /Belgium - 2013Schofield Watch Company - UK - 2013Toolbox - Belgium is Design - Milan/Italy - 2013Sabato - Belgium - 2013Henry Van de Velde Label - Belgium - 2012Antoine Van Loocke - Belgium - 2010


A new fixed blade design for 2019 — still prototype - what’s not to like ? The Shark as compact fixed blade for bushcrafting or part of your hunting equipment.

LOGO definition

The arrow or ENSIS symbolizes the sharpness , the circle symbolizes ZEN as the absolute simplicity .The opening in the circle highlights the imperfection as essence in continuous improvement.

MINIMUM fixed Blade

A crossover between the Japanese Nakiri & Santoku kitchen blade, medium sized and ideal for push cutting or chopping smaller vegetables. The design follows the lineair contours of the Minimum friction folder.

Gentlemen Taschenmesser

A interesting book for people with a passion for folding knives . Glad to see lovely pictures and a good explanation about my philosophy " Less is more " in the chapter " modern knives ". The explanation gives a good idea about the Hybrid 50 design features. ISBN 978-3-938711-72-9

Variations in HYBRID

Because of growing interest in the Hybrid design more variations will become reality. Now we already have differences in size and finish without any compromise in the design. Blade length between 40 and 60 mm, all with their own application purpose.